Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here I am!!!

Guess what??

I had my first vet visit yesterday. I was quite the celebrity! People were falling all over me and wanted to be near me. Now I know how Beyonce feels.
And you know what else? The vet lady kept giving me puppy kisses the whole time I was there! She said she couldn't help herself. I have that affect on people. (I bet Beyonce knows how that is too. Maybe I should wear a leotard.)

She also loved all my extra loose skin. I'm so wrinkly and soft!!
At the moment, I have the profile of Alfred Hitchcock. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I lose the chin. I find myself wanting to say, "Good Evening" all the time.

The vet lady said I look great. (But I already knew that) My heart is strong and my lungs sound good. Mommy and Daddy where happy and relieved. Us Bostons are known to have problems.

Okay. Here are some pics of me.

My favorite place to sleep is right here, on Mommy's lap. She sits like an Indian and I curl right up.

This is where I sit when I'm hungry. (Which is all the time, so I don't move much.)

This is me after I eat.

See how I have little white hairs on the tip of my ear.
I know, cute huh?

This is me after we got back from the vet.

This is Mommy trying to take a picture of me. But I would rather chew on the camera strap. I think Beyonce does that to the paparazzi.

Yesterday, Mommy insisted Daddy bring up "the cage" from the basement. Neither of them like the idea of caging us. But Mommy's stressed, tired and won the argument.

Truthfully, it's kinda growing on me. Mommy made it like a cool fort. But she hasn't closed the door yet. Not sure how I'll react when she does.
Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one.


Okay, I've gotta go. I'm starting to get hungry so I'd better take my position.

Until next time!

Oh!! One more thing.
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~*~Birdy~*~ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVe your blog Stella~~ You have great parents~~ Make sure and PeePee on your PeePee thingie!! It will make life easier for your Mommy~~ Emma says Whoof Whoof!!

Peri said...

Stella, its Hooky again! Good photo shoot! I love the glamour pose you start with. Going to the vet is okay...I have my own room there! I am not fond of having my temperature taken but I always get a treat if I need a shot...CatDaddy calls the shot a "feel good" ...humans are cute but not always smart.
Back to you...the cage is well decorated! Much better than mine..I only get a pad in the bottom and the cage is plastic, which smells funny. Still it makes me feel safe and when strangers come, I go in there so they will leave me alone.
Back to you, sorry...you are getting cuter! Love the sleeping on the back! OH, I hear you missed the p/p towel...its okay..you are still very very young and these things happen. I still like you!
Go to the food mat now and look hungry...if you whine it helps.

Susan said...

Stella, remember if it's stress that has Mommy bringing up the cage, remind Daddy that they make larger ones...maybe one just the right size for Mommy. I'm just sayin'...

Raymond Homestead said...

Stella, I have been wondering how you were doing. Enjoy hearing about your days. I love your "after the vet" picture. I'm sure it was an exhausting visit. I mean after all, it's a lot of hard work being so cute with everyone trying to hug and kiss you! You look snuggy warm in your pink blankie!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

H EVERYONEI!! I'm not doing too good with the pee-pee towel, Emma. When I have to go, I just do.
Hooky, you have your own room?? You are special!!! !I'm really loving my new "den." I think I will hang a Justin Bieber poster in there.
Miss Susan, I showed Daddy your comment and he laughed. And agreed.
Miss Judy, I do love my pink blankie. Pink is my favorite color. ♥
I'm taking pics so I'll post them later. See ya!!

Peri said...

Stella, I don't have just a small room -I am cat in charge so I have an entire HOUSE! I have a wonderful big bedroom with three nice windows and a big window door! I have a very soft bed that I let CatDaddy sleep in sometimes but if there is coughing from CatDaddy, then I just leave that room and go into another room to sleep. I have a very nice RV to go to the vet in too...of course CatDaddy has to carry it, but I do have nice blankies and a picture of Puss N Boots in there!!
About the p/p towel thing..it takes a while for the "control muscles" to realize you are in charge and not them..just a matter of growing some more. Keep trying.
Oops, here comes CatMomma...gotta go! Love Hooky

Diana said...

Yep, Crate training is the best..Bailey loves his crate, and sometimes sleeps in it on his own now..he loves it because it is like a cave for him. Bailey would love you, Stella!