Sunday, January 20, 2013



I have bad gas.
Unfortunately, I forgot to pack an air freshener spray.

But mommy says not to worry. She is going to wean me off the dog food I've been getting and switch me to a no grains dog food.
She promises I won't have stinky butt anymore. Thank goodness because I could clear a room.
I tried the ol' "pull my toe" joke, but no one got it.

This morning, Mommy took a washcloth to my face. As you can see, my pinkness is starting to show through.

Gracie still hates me. Although she did get a little closer to me to investigate. But as soon as I popped my head up she growled and ran.


Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

But on a lighter note... I'm still "doing my business" on the pee-pee towel!

Oh and mommy got no sleep last night.
C'mon now, did she really think she would?

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

hi stella
its me Hooky. Sorry about your gas...I get it a lot but CatDaddy says it is because of the grain in my food..just like you. It is harder to find cat food without grain than dog food. But I just call " POW" to let all know I have expelled gas and not exploded! CatDaddy just laughs at that. Maybe you could try barking POW too.
Cheers for using the p/p towels. I am very proud because it is easy to forget when you are young. But you are doing great.
Gracie is just scared. Cha Wa Wa are like that...a bit scared of everything.
Hang in there..she will be won over by your emerging pinkness I bet. I think it is cute...for a pup.

Tina said...

gas happens lol! Gracie will warm worries.

Susan said...

You may be gassy, but you look just like a Valentine all wrapped up in pink and red. Too cute.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hooky, you're right. Grains = Stinky gas. Same goes with humans.
Mommy cut waaaay back on the Puppy Chow and I'm not as stinky. My poopies are looking good too. But I promise, no photos.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Miss Susan, I am a cute Valentine!!
I hope you're right, Miss Tina. But right now Gracie is one nervous pooch.